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The Steve Edmonds Band ✅ performs live at The Beaches Hotel Thirroul. Steve Edmonds band has garnered a reputation as one of the country's coolest BLUES/ROCK acts

Edmonds' many years as guitarist to some of Australia's finest recording artists he has earned him a quality reputation as sideman to the stars and guitarist extraordinaire.

The Steve Edmonds band create a great party vibe incorporating some damn fine playing and a hit list of classic 70's blues drenched guitar anthems, putting the great Australian Pub Rock tradition back at the top of its game with an “all killer, no filler” attitude.

If you’re up for a great night out of live, 100% Rock and Roll music without the corny gimmicks, cabaret pretence and drum machines be sure to check them out. You won’t be disappointed!

More information: The Beaches Hotel Thirroul