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Ted Mulry Gang ✅ perform live at Anita's Theatre Thirroul. Ted Mulry, was an English-born Australian singer, songwriter, bass player and guitarist.

He achieved success in Australia, firstly as a solo performer, and then leading his own band Ted Mulry Gang, sometimes officially credited as just TMG.

Deciding to get the band back together was a chance to revisit all the great material produced by TMG. “Our agent kept hassling me to get the band back together and when I asked Mark to play bass, his response was ‘great, we can remind people of how great Ted and his songs were’,” says Herm. “If someone told me two years ago I would be playing drums again, and playing to packed crowds, I honestly would have laughed. Its been great and fun!”

Performing again after 25 years is surreal experience. It is great for the band to get back and play the songs that created memories for generations, and continues to have relevance today. “Ted was my best mate,” says Herm. “I do miss him turning around and grinning if someone made a blue or if there was someone interesting in the audience.”

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