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I met recently with Anna Heyligers and Luke Fordyce owners of Noel & Gladys and asked them both some questions about their Lifestyle Shop in Thirroul.

How long has your business been established? We originally opened on the north side of Thirroul on 23rd of November 2017 - which is actually our wedding anniversary! We moved to the south side of Thirroul Village to the old Flame Tree Co-Op Shop in October 2018.

Business name and how did it come about? Noel & Gladys are my late grandparents, our company name is Gladys Mack, and our trading name is Noel & Gladys. Mum was an only child and changed her name when married, so it’s a way for our family name to continue!
I loved my grandparents very much.

Anna's background? It’s the age-old story working a corporate job wanting a career change, so I started a little retail shop where I could flex my creativity and meet some amazingly talented people along the way.
Luke’s background? Luke is a Woodwork TAS Teacher which came in handy when we were fitting out the store. Maybe that’s why there’s so much timber in our fixtures. :)

What inspired you to start this business? Originally it was all about handmade products, beautiful products made by real people who were artists of their craft. However, over time, we could see that our store could be so much more than that, we were inspired by our community what they like and don’t like their ideas and passions.

Best describe your business? Our business is about creativity, craftsmanship and community, we wanted to create a business that integrated those key pillars in a multi-functional space. Our store is full of curated products from makers and merchants, both local and abroad who share common beliefs in design, ethical products, environmental issues and people rights. Our space brings the community to our events and workshops that provide an experience of togetherness while learning a new skill or information session.

Summary of services offered if any; Workshops - Ceramics, Flowers, Metalworking, Essential Oils, Painting and Tarot 

Summary of products sold; Apparel, Home Goods, Apothecary and Accessories.
Do you live locally to your business? Yep, we live in Coledale.

If you would like to add anything else, please do so? Peace + Love

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